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“Every great architect is — necessarily — a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.”

Those are the words of one undeniably great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, whose visions of harmonious design and innovating urban planning amounted to his own brand of organic architecture. We’d argue that Wright wasn’t just an interpreter of his time — he was able to foresee the needs and desires of ages ahead of him. The architect is — necessarily — a visionary capable of seeing into the future.

In the spirit of architecture’s fortune telling abilities, we’ve put together a list of our favorite contemporary designs that shed light on the future of our visual world.

Indoor Parks
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Five TED Talks That Will Change the Way You Work and Think

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“I like my job, but I do the same things every day, exactly the same way. My colleagues don’t seem particularly interested in how to think or do things differently. I need to get the lead out and get inspired again. Can you help?” –  Caitlyn from Boston, MA


Sometimes we get so ingrained in our day-to-day efforts that it becomes hard to see how to shake it up and break out of our routines. Whenever I find myself feeling stuck in a rut in my personal or professional life, I seek out the perspectives of others to get my thoughts and energy moving again.

Getting this kind of input can take place through face-to-face conversations; however, it can also transpire through reading books or watching videos where people share experiences and lessons learned.  One of my go-to resources is TED.com (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) which hosts videos of speakers from around the world talking about inspiring topics and ideas.

The site hosts more than 1,400 talks – below, check out five talks that might inspire some new ideas.

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Kathryn Schulz On Regret (Premiere)

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Early one morning a couple of months ago, as I was rushing around trying to get my act together in time to catch a train to New York, I filled a thermos with coffee, reached into the fridge, grabbed an unopened half-gallon of milk — one of those fancy, bottled-in-glass-like-the-good-old-days kinds — and promptly dropped the entire thing on the kitchen floor.

Here’s what happened next. The glass shattered upward and outward, in spectacular, slow-motion-film-worthy fashion; I later found shards in the cat’s dish, the salad bowl, and the blender, two shelves up. The half-gallon of milk set about demonstrating some principle of physics involving volume and surface area, or maybe some principle of religion involving loaves and fishes. Either way, in under three seconds, vast, improbable quantities of it were everywhere: soaking one leg of my jeans, running in lewd streams down the oven, flowing through a gap under a closed door and into the next room. As I stood there missing my train, I had a flash of insight. The reason we are instructed not to cry over spilled milk is that, if you spill enough of it, crying (or its adult analog: cursing) is the only natural response.




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10 Most Admired tech companies

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These technology firms are the envy of their peers everywhere.




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Silvio Berlusconi To Pay $4 Million Per Month In Alimony (REPORT)

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Being one of the richest men in the world comes at a price.

AC Milan owner and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi — who split with second wife Veronica Lario in 2009 — has been ordered to pay his ex a whopping $4 million per month in alimony, the Associated Press reports.

According to the settlement paperwork filed Tuesday, Berlusconi will walk away with the couple’s Villa Belvedere estate located near Milan.

Lario announced she was leaving the Italian politician in 2009 after he attended the 18th birthday party of an aspiring model.



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Kevin Slavin: How Algorithms Shape Our World

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Watch game developer Kevin Slavin’s TEDTalk above and then explore his thoughts in this companion essay.

Back at TEDGlobal, the most difficult aspect of preparation was the editing process, chipping away at three hours of material to cut it down into 14 live minutes.

Of all the darlings that were killed, the ones I missed most were a few minutes about genetic algorithms. Like everything I presented, it’s a subject for which I have interest and passion, not training or expertise. It’s going to seem very dull. But stay with me for a few of the missing minutes.



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The Scream Auction: Edvard Munch’s Painting Sells For $119.9 Million, Sets A World Record (LIVEBLOG)

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Edvard Munch’s iconic work, “The Scream,” broke a world record tonight, becoming the most expensive artwork sold in an auction.

Estimates for the sale varied from $80 million to $200 million. The artwork — which is not a painting but is pastel on board — ended up selling for $119,922,500, surpassing the previous record-holder, Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust,” which sold for $106.5 million in 2010. Cezanne’s “The Card Players” has the honor of going for the highest price, period (meaning not at auction) — it was sold in a private sale to Qatar (yes, the country) for $250 million last year.


The Scream Auction


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