SEE (2019) – My rating: 9.5/10

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“SEE” is a science fiction television drama series made and produced for Apple TV+. It is written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence. Executive producers include Knight, Lawrence, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and Kristen Campo. This series is exceptional and brilliantly acted.

In the distant future, due to a virus, the human race has lost one of their most precious senses, sight.  Now, society is left to find new ways to interact, build and hunt for survival. Meanwhile, Maghra (Hera Hilmar) a newcomer and wife to the warrior and chieftain Baba Voss (Jason Mamoa), gives birth to a set of twins named Kofun (Archie Madekwe) and Haniwa (Nesta Cooper). To his tribe’s amazement, the twins can see. As word spreads, it gets the attention of a cynical tribe lead by Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks), who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the…

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Penedo Do Guincho, Lisbon Portugal

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Praia do Guincho (English: Guincho Beach) is a popular Atlantic beach located on Portugal’s Estoril coast, 5 km from the town of Cascais, and is located in the municipality of Cascais, more precisely in the parishes of Cascais and Alcabideche, in the District of Lisbon. Guincho is situated close to several small villages, including Areia, Charneca, Figueira do Guincho and Biscaia.

The beach, which has a shoreline of approximately 800 meters, has preferred surfing conditions and is popular for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Strong northern winds are predominant during summertime (June–August) as well as smaller north-west swells, making this beach ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. During winter (especially December), the predominant winds are from the east and swells increase in size, making it a perfect spot for surfing, with multiple beach-breaks providing powerful lefts and rights.

There are also several surf camps and surf schools in the area that provide accommodation and services including rentals, repairs and surfing classes. However, Guincho is situated on the western edge of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and this designation has protected the beach from excessive tourism development, as has the fact that the waves and wind mean it is not suitable as a beach for swimming and sunbathing, particularly for people with young children.


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Trump’s Environmental Record Should Be Impeachable: Sierra Club By Jeff Tittel

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The Sierra Club has come out in support of the impeachment and removal of President Trump from office. We have never before called for the impeachment or removal of a sitting President, but Trump’s abuse of power and disregard for the law has undermined our democracy.

He has violated his oath of office and his behavior when it comes to the environment is even more reckless – he has deliberately ignored laws and trying to destroy important environmental institutions. President Trump has declared war on the environment. He unilaterally pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, called climate change a hoax, and has muzzled scientists while trying to compromise 50 years of environmental progress.

He is exploiting our public lands while attempting to roll back 85 environmental regulations including the Environmental Species Act and lightbulb standards and is allowing banned toxic chemicals and pesticides back on the market. He has stacked government agencies with industry lobbyists like EPA’s Andrew Wheeler. Trump’s lawlessness and disregard for institutions is putting our environment and safety at risk.


Climate change



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Proverbs 12:8 Commentary by Matthew Henry

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Proverbs 12 Verse 8 Commentary by Matthew Henry


We are here told whence to expect a good name. Reputation is what most have a high regard to and stand much upon. Now it is certain, 1. The best reputation is that which attends virtue and serious piety, and the prudent conduct of life: A man shall be commended by all that are wise and good, in conformity to the judgment of God himself, which we are sure is according to truth, not according to his riches or preferments, his craft and subtlety, but according to his wisdom, the honesty of his designs and the prudent choice of means to compass them. 2. The worst reproach is that which follows wickedness and an opposition to that which is good: He that is of a perverse heart, that turns aside to crooked ways, and goes on frowardly in them, shall be despised. Providence will bring him to poverty and contempt, and all that have a true sense of honour will despise him as unworthy to be dealt with and unfit to be trusted, as a blemish and scandal to mankind.




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NJ approves 45 Community Solar Projects In the midst of it all

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A kennedy is running against Jeff Van Drew Watch “How the compass unlocked the world | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series” on YouTube
NYTimes: Millions of Australians Are Choking on Smoke From Wildfires Watch “The problem of light pollution — and 5 ridiculously easy ways to fix it | Kelsey Johnson” on YouTube
NYTimes: Is There a Risk of Wider War With Iran? Watch “What is economic value, and who creates it? | Mariana Mazzucato” on YouTube
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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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The Quote Above is so True ‘Michelle’s Crazy Busy Life’.  That is why the following link is from your Blog.  Merry Christmas!



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Kynance Cove

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Kynance Cove is a cove on the eastern side of Mount’s Bay, Cornwall, England. It is situated on the Lizard peninsula approximately two miles north of Lizard Point.


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