Stephen Wiltshire’s Unbelievably Detailed Drawings Made From Memory (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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The Huffington Post

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Stephen Wiltshire spoke his first words, ‘pencil’ and ‘paper’ at five years old. At the age of eight, the late British Prime Minister Edward Heath commissioned Wiltshire to draw the Salisbury Cathedral.  At 11 years old Wiltshire drew a perfect, intensely detailed picture of the London cityscape after a single helicopter ride. Perhaps it is not surprising that Wiltshire was diagnosed with autism, when he was three years old.


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Imagine Stephen being an eye witness against you.


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Bones Found 76 Years Ago Could Actually Be Amelia Earhart’s

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Scientists believe they have gotten one step closer to cracking the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s 1937 disappearance.

Measurements indicate that a partial skeleton found on a remote Pacific island in 1940 could have belonged to the pilot, researchers with The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery announced on Oct. 22. 

The bones’ potential connection to Earhart was dismissed at the time because a British doctor said they belonged to a male. It wasn’t until 1998 that TIGHAR reviewed the doctor’s records and determined that they appear “consistent with a female of Earhart’s height and ethnic origin.”


Researchers believe measurements taken of skeletal remains found on a Pacific island are “virtually identical” to those of long-lost aviator Amelia Earhart.



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Chinese Doctor Kidnapped, Sold Babies; Could Face Death Penalty

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A Chinese doctor told officials on Monday that she is guilty of kidnapping seven infants and selling them to human traffickers for personal financial gain.

In front of a courtroom in Shaanxi province, former obstetrician Zhang Shuxia admitted to illegally obtaining and selling the babies, reports the BBC.

Zhang, who worked in Shaanxi’s Fuping Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, sold the children between November 2011 and July 2013, per the BBC.

On multiple occasions, Zhang tricked couples into giving up their babies by pretending the children had serious health problems or disabilities and might not live, reports The Wall Street Journal. While six of the abducted children were eventually returned to their families, one baby girl died.

chinese doctor Kidnapped babies

Chinese doctor Zhang Shuxia has admitted to stealing multiple babies in order to sell them to human traffickers. | ImagineChina
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Remember Our Soldiers Are the Reason We Still Are Free – To Mess Things Up!

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Never Forget!


I just watched ‘RED DAWN”


Matthew Henry



Scientists Discover 3.5 Billion Year Old Fossils of Microbes

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One of the oldest fossils of a living organism has been dated as being 3 and a half billion years old. The fossil contains evidence of microbes that are some of the oldest living things ever studied by scientists.

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Before And After Photos Show Exactly Why The Philippines Needs Your Help After Haiyan

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Aid continues to trickle into the Philippines as the island nation reels in the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. Officials said Tuesday more than 1,700 people were confirmed dead, though that number is expected to rise.

As the dispersal of aid moves slowly, many of the worst hit communities have not yet been reached. The level of destruction and masses of debris across affected regions have hindered all assistance efforts.

“We need help. Nothing is happening,” 81-year-old Aristone Balute told the Associated Press.

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4,000-Year-Old Tomb Of Doctor To The Pharaohs Discovered (PHOTO)

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The tomb of a prestigious ancient Egyptian physician who counted pharaohs among his clients is believed to have been found in a vast necropolis southwest of Cairo.

Part of a large plot measuring roughly 70 feet by 46 feet, the tomb of Shepseskaf-Ankh was unearthed this week in Abusir near modern-day Giza, the Agence France-Presse reports. The site is a burial place for many important figures from the Fifth Dynasty, which existed about 4,000 years ago.

“This discovery is important because this is the tomb of one of the greatest doctors from the time of the pyramid builders, one of the doctors closely tied to the king,” Antiquities Minister Ibrahim Ali said in a statement, per AFP.

tomb doctor to pharaohs

A picture taken on Oct. 22 shows Egyptian hieroglyphics on the entrance of a 4,000-year-old tomb discovered by archaeologists in Abusir, on the outskirts of Cairo. The discovery is believed to contain the remains of a prominent doctor to the pharaohs. | Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities/AFP/Getty Images
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