Paralympic Hopeful Gets New Legs after Devastating Theft

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A Paralympic hopeful plans for running in Brazil next year are back on track after fans on the Internet got together to replace stolen prosthetics.

“It’s really good to be back running on my new leg and I’m enjoying every bit of it,” said athlete Paul Peterson.

Peterson, 22, had his first chance Tuesday to try his new prosthetic running legs after thieves on June 3 broke into his Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment and stole almost everything, including his competition medals and three of his custom-fit running blades.


!!!!!Paralympic Hopeful1Community Support Gets a Paralympic Hopeful Back on Track

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New Species Of River Dolphin Discovered In Brazil (PHOTOS)

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It seems Mother Nature still has a few secrets up her sleeve.

In a study published in PLOS ONE this week, researchers announced the discovery of a new species of river dolphin in Brazil. The marine mammal is the first river dolphin to be described since 1918, the authors noted in the research.

Discovered in the Araguaia River basin, Inia araguaiaensis is believed to have diverged from river dolphins in the Amazon more than 2 million years ago due to a shift in the landscape. Unlike other river dolphins in Brazil, the newly discovered species has only 24 teeth per jaw, instead of the typical 25 to 29.

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Fake Fingers Scandal in Brazil

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Police are investigating a fake fingers case where silicone thumbs were used to punch-in absent co-workers at an emergency clinic in Brazil.




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Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills At Least 232 People

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 A fast-moving fire roared through a crowded, windowless nightclub in southern Brazil early Sunday, filling the air in seconds with flames and a thick, toxic smoke that killed more than 230 panicked party goers, many of whom were caught in a stampede to escape.

Inspectors believe the blaze began when a band’s small pyrotechnics show ignited foam sound insulating material on the ceiling, releasing a putrid haze that caused scores of university students to choke to death. Most victims died from smoke inhalation rather than burns in what appeared to be the world’s deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade.




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Kelvin Santos, Brazilian Boy Pronounced Dead, Briefly Resurrected To Ask For Water

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A two year-old toddler who was pronounced dead, sat up on his coffin during his funeral and asked his father for a drink of water before laying lifeless in the coffin once again, according to Brazilian news sources.


Brazilian Boy

Kelvin Santos sat up in his coffin, resurrected
and asked for water


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Amazing Rescue of beached Dolphins

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Watch this…
It happened at a Brazilian beach.


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