This Mysterious Signal ‘Could Not Be Explained By Known Physics,’ Astronomers Say

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When astronomers detected a strange signal in a massive galaxy cluster millions of light years from Earth, they knew they had stumbled upon something big.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Esra Bulbul, of the Harvard Center for Astrophysics, said in a written statement. “What we found, at first glance, could not be explained by known physics.”

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CERN Scientists Observe Rare Particle Decay That Helps Confirm Theory About Universe’s Birth

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After a quarter-century of searching, scientists have nailed down how one particularly rare subatomic particle decays into something else – a discovery that adds certainty to our thinking about how the universe began and keeps running.

The world’s top particle physics lab said Friday it had measured the decay time of a particle known as a Bs (B sub s) meson into two other fundamental particles called muons, which are much heavier than but similar to electrons. It was observed as part of the reams of data coming from CERN’s $10 billion Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest atom smasher, on the Swiss-French border near Geneva.

The rare sighting at the European Center for Nuclear Research, known by its French acronym CERN, shows that the so-called standard model of particle physics is “coming through with flying colors,” though it describes only 5 percent of the universe, said Pierluigi Campana, who leads one of the two main teams at CERN involved in the research.


cern particle

Large Hadron Collider at CERN where physicists conducted particle decay experiment.


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Antimatter-Gravity ‘Alpha’ Experiment At CERN Tests Force’s Effect, Yields Ambiguous Result

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When it comes to antimatter, what goes up doesn’t necessarily come down. In a new study, physicists weighed antimatter in an effort to determine how this strange cousin of matter interacts with gravity.

Ordinary matter atoms fall down due to the pull of gravity, but the same might not be true of antimatter, which has the same mass as matter, but opposite charge and spin. Scientists wondered whether antimatter atoms would instead fall up when pulled by gravity, and whether such a thing as antigravity exists.

“In the unlikely event that antimatter falls upward, we’d have to fundamentally revise our view of physics and rethink how the universe works,” Joel Fajans, a physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, said in a statement.

Fajans and his colleagues at the Alpha experiment at Switzerland’s CERN physics lab made the first experimental measurements of the gravitational mass of antihydrogen — the antimatter equivalent of hydrogen, made of an antiproton and a positron (the antimatter counterpart to an electron). [Whoa! The Coolest Little Particles in Nature]



This illustration of antimatter shows antiparticle beside its particle mirror-image.


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Dark Matter Found? Underground Detector Finds Hints Of Elusive Particle, Physicists Say




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Hints of dark matter, the mysterious stuff that makes up perhaps 85 percent of the matter in the universe, may have been observed by scientists.

But researchers are far from saying they’ve discovered the source of dark matter.

“We’re not claiming anything,” warned Blas Cabrera, a Stanford University physicist speaking here today (April 15) at a meeting of the American Physical Society. [Explaining Dark Matter (Infographic)]

The new results come from the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (SuperCDMS), which takes place deep underground in the Soudan mine in northern Minnesota.


Dark Matter Found

The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment (SuperCDMS) uses five towers of dark matter detectors like the ones shown here.


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ISS Dark Matter Detector Finds Hint Of Elusive Particles From Cosmos, Scientists Say (VIDEO)

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It is one of the cosmos’ most mysterious unsolved cases: dark matter. It is supposedly what holds the universe together. We can’t see it, but scientists are pretty sure it’s out there.

Led by a dogged, Nobel Prize-winning gumshoe who has spent 18 years on the case, scientists put a $2 billion detector aboard the International Space Station to try to track down the stuff. And after two years, the first evidence came in Wednesday: tantalizing cosmic footprints that seem to have been left by dark matter.

But the evidence isn’t enough to declare the case closed. The footprints could have come from another, more conventional suspect: a pulsar, or a rotating, radiation-emitting star.




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Two Higgs Bosons? CERN Scientists Revisit Large Hadron Collider Particle Data

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