Single Shot at Doctor’s Office May Be Future of HIV Prevention

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Truvada, the other “little blue pill,” is taken daily to prevent HIV and has been touted as a miracle drug responsible for lowering HIV rates across the United States. But soon, the daily pill may be overshadowed by an even simpler method—a single flu shot-like injection at the doctor’s office, once every two months.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced last week that it was entering the first-ever global clinical trial of an injectable HIV-prevention drug called cabotegravir. The trial is taking place in eight countries across three world regions—the Americas, Africa and Asia—and researchers are enrolling 4,500 gay and bisexual men along with transgender women, pulling from groups with the highest rates of new infections.


Image: Colorized electron microscope image of the HIV virus.HIV, the virus that causes AIDS BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images



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Exciting Antibody Discovery Sparks New Hope For Future HIV Vaccine

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Scientists have discovered an antibody that can powerfully neutralize many variants of the most common strain of HIV, opening up a door for researchers to explore treatment and prevention options for the potentially fatal virus. 

Antibodies ― proteins created by our immune system that are in charge of spotting and neutralizing potentially harmful substances in our body ― are promising avenues for potential vaccines and treatments against the virus. 

The new antibody, named N6, was isolated from the blood of a person with HIV. It managed to neutralize 98 percent of the HIV variants that researchers tested it on, including 16 out of 20 variants that are usually resistant to this kind of antibody protein.


Álex Cámara via Getty Images
An antibody called N6 could theoretically help protect people against most HIV infections.



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Surgeons Have Completed the First HIV-Positive Organ Transplants — Here’s Why It Matters

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Every year, around 17,000 kidney transplants and 6,000 liver transplants are performed in the U.S. But there was something special about two recent kidney and liver transplants performed at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center.

The kidney and liver came from a deceased donor with HIV, and they were transplanted into patients who also have HIV. They’re the first HIV-positive organ transplants since the 2013 repeal of an outdated law banning people with HIV from donating their organs.

“This is an unbelievably exciting day for our hospital and our team, but more importantly, for patients living with both HIV and end-stage organ disease,” Dr. Dorry L. Segev, professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said in a statement. 


Surgeons Have Completed the First HIV-Positive Organ Transplants — Here's Why It Matters

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With Big Pharma Support, Human Gene Editing Could Be Closer Than We Thought

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Here’s how you know CRISPR, the revolutionary gene-editing technology getting all kinds of hype around the web, is poised to go mainstream: Big Pharma’s getting in the game.

It was recently announced that a $300 million joint venture between Bayer AG (best known for its aspirin) and bio startup CRISPR Therapeutics will aim to develop drugs for blindness, blood disorders and congenital heart disease. It’s a logical next step, especially since scientists at a Los Angeles-based medical institute recently proved they could use CRISPR/Cas9 to treat a type of inheritable blindness in mice.

For a little background, CRISPR/Cas9 gives scientists the ability to directly modify or correct changes in our genome, especially ones that come from disease, by “cutting” the genes with a protein called Cas9, which you might call the scissors. When CRISPR is successful, it means that we can change a busted protein — like one from cancer or HIV — and fully correct the problem.


!!!!!BigPharma1Image Credit: Getty Images



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Second baby possibly ‘cured’ of HIV

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The first time, it happened almost by accident.

Just hours after delivery, a baby born with HIV in Mississippi was given high doses of three antiretroviral drugs. More than three years later, doctors say the little girl has no evidence of the life-threatening disease in her blood, despite being off medication for nearly two years.

Now doctors say another child born with the virus appears to be free of HIV after receiving similar treatment. The case report was presented at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston this week.

Doctors say a second child born with HIV appears to be virus-free after antiretroviral treatment.
Doctors say a second child born with HIV appears to be virus-free after antiretroviral treatment.
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Early HIV drugs ‘functionally cure about one in 10’

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Rapid treatment after HIV infection may be enough to “functionally cure” about a 10th of those diagnosed early, say researchers in France.

They have been analysing 14 people who stopped therapy, but have since shown no signs of the virus resurging.

It follows reports of a baby girl being effectively cured after very early treatment in the US.

However, most people infected with HIV do not find out until the virus has fully infiltrated the body.




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HIV Prevention: Nobel Laureate David Baltimore Talks VIP, New Developments (VIDEO)

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Researchers may have discovered a way to protect against the transmission of HIV–a worldwide epidemic that now infects about 35 million people.

Nobel Laureate Dr. David Baltimore and colleagues at his Caltech lab are injecting mice with a powerful prophylaxis called VIP. And guess what? It works. Caltech postdoctoral fellow Alex Balazs is heading up this groundbreaking research. So is it now time to test this approach in humans?


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