This is Devin again and I have a lot of juicy stuff for you all out there.

The NBA is getting even more interesting because the Cavaliers are dominating. The Cavs and the Warriors have the best records in the NBA and everything is working out the way I want. LeBron James versus Kevin Durant in the 2017 NBA Finals was always meant to be and it looks like it’s going to happen. No teams are a match for these unstoppable forces except for maybe the Spurs, Rockets, or the Clippers. Otherwise, they’re unbeatable because these teams are dominant offensively and defensively. The one difference between the Cavs and the Warriors is that if the Cavs win, then they’re champions.  However, if the Warriors win, it doesn’t mean anything because Kevin Durant is a team member. Kevin Durant joined a team that had the best shooters in the NBA, so it’s not as much of a milestone for the Warriors who have a huge advantage right now.

Overall, this is exciting because the two best players will be on opposing teams in the NBA Finals.