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Proverbs 28:8

New Living Translation


8 Income from charging high interest rates
    will end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor

Matthew Henry commentary

1. That which is ill-got, though it may increase much, will not last long. A man may perhaps raise a great estate, in a little time, by usury and extortion, fraud, and oppression of the poor, but it will not continue; he gathers it for himself, but it shall prove to have been gathered for somebody else that he has no kindness for. His estate shall go to decay, and another man’s shall be raised out of the ruins of it. 2. Sometimes God in his providence so orders it that that which one got unjustly another uses charitably; it is strangely turned into the hands of one that will pity the poor and do good with it, and so cut off the entail of the curse which he brought upon it who got it by deceit and violence. Thus the same Providence that punishes the cruel, and disables them to do any more hurt, rewards the merciful, and enables them to do so much the more good. To him that has the ten pounds give the pound which the wicked servant hid in the napkin; for to him that has, and uses it well, more shall be given, Luke 19:24. Thus the poor are repaid, the charitable are encouraged, and God is glorified.