Should a man full of talk (margin, a man of lips, that is all tongue,vox et praeterea nihil—mere voice) be justified? Should he be justified in his loquacity, as in effect he is if he be not reproved for it? No, for in the multitude of words there wanted not sin. Should he be justified by it?  Shall many words pass for valid pleas? Shall he carry the day with the flourishes of language? No, he shall not be accepted with God, or any wise men, for his much speaking, Matt. 6:7, 2.

As a man that made no conscience of what he said—a liar, and one that hoped by the impudence of lies to silence his adversaries (should thy lies make men hold their peace?)–a mocker, one that bantered all mankind, and knew how to put false colors upon any thing, and was not ashamed to impose upon every one that talked with him. When thou mockest shall no man make thee ashamed?


Apparently there are people in the USA who believe they should train kids early in the art of hate, principally racism. They are no different from extreme Islamist whose philosophy is the the same. All of this is based in evil and there is a thing called bad karma from which there is no escape.


Until there are no more deformities, no more inflated neonatal death rates, no longer 200+ man-made chemicals in almost every American baby’s cord blood, no longer declining fertility rates and we’re no longer spending about $90,000,000,000 each year treating children for just 4 solely pollution-related diseases, then BY DEFINITION, we have too few regulations in place.