Seven Simple Ways We Know Einstein Was Right (For Now)

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For 100 years, Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity has survived just about every test that physicists have thrown at it. Announced in November 1915, the famous scientist’s field equations expanded on Isaac Newton’s long-standing laws by re-imagining gravity as a warping in the fabric of space and time, rather than a simple force between objects.

The results of using general relativity equations actually look similar to what you get using Newton’s math, as long as the masses involved aren’t too large and the velocities are relatively small compared to the speed of light. But the concept was a revolution for physics.

Warped space-time means that light itself is affected by gravity much more strongly than Newton predicted. It also means that planets move around their orbits in a slightly altered but very significant way, and it predicts the existence of exotic objects such as monster black holes and wormholes.



These galaxies are smiling at you thanks to general relativity. (NASA/ESA)


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Looking Out Into Space Is Literally Looking Back In Time, And Here’s Why

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Huffpost Science

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Every time you open your eyes to look at something, you’re literally looking back in time.

Consider: light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second (or 300 million meters per second), so if you’re looking at someone or something from a distance of one meter, you’re seeing it not as it is but as it was three-billionths of a second ago.




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Big Bang Discovery May Bring ‘Theory Of Everything’ Closer To Reality

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Huffpost Science

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The discovery that the universe really did expand at many times the speed of light immediately after the Big Bang should bring physicists slightly closer to their ultimate goal — the long-sought “Theory of Everything.”

On Monday (March 17), researchers announced that they had detected the signature of gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background, the ancient light that began pervading the universe 380,000 years after the Big Bang.

If it holds up, the landmark find confirms the theory of inflation, which posits that the cosmos exploded from mere quantum fluctuations into something of macroscopic size just a few tiny fractions of a second after its birth. [How Inflation Gave the Universe the Ultimate Kickstart (Infographic)]


theory of everything

The bottom part of this illustration shows the scale of the universe versus time. Specific events are shown such as the formation of neutral Hydrogen at 380 000 years after the big bang. Prior to this time, the constant interaction between matter (electrons) and light (photons) made the universe opaque. After this time, the photons we now call the CMB started streaming freely.

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Neutrino Subatomic Particles Don’t Travel Faster Than Light–Einstein Was Right, Physicists Say

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The Huffington Post

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The final nail in the coffin may have been dealt to the idea that neutrino particles can travel faster than light.

The same lab that first reported the shocking results last September, which could have upended much of modern physics, has now reported that the subatomic particles called neutrinos “respect the cosmic speed limit.”



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