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Here at Future we have a hard time thinking of a question bigger than: how big is space?

So, we set about trying to illustrate it.

The resulting picture is so large that we could not squeeze it all on to one image in Photoshop. Instead, we had to create several sections and stitch them together for you.

Printed out, the graphic spans 27 pages of A4 paper.

But even at this size we only managed to get to the edge of our Solar System – known as the heliosphere.

Yet even within this relatively small corner of space, there is a lot packed in there.

What is the most distant man-made object? What is the farthest travelled by a human being? What is the farthest travelled by a piece of Lego? And perhaps most importantly – how long would these journeys take if you were a passenger on the Starship Enterprise?

Scroll (and scroll… and scroll) through our monster graphic to explore our cosmic neighbourhood.


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Scroll through our monster graphic



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