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Prof Stephen Hawking’s final research paper suggests that our Universe may be one of many similar to our own.

The theory resolves a cosmic paradox of the late physicist’s own making.

It also points a way forward for astronomers to find evidence of the existence of parallel universes.

The study was submitted to the Journal of High-Energy Physics 10 days before Prof Hawking died.

In the 1980s, the Cambridge scientist, along with US physicist James Hartle developed a new idea about the beginning of the Universe.

This resolved a difficulty with Einstein’s theory that suggested that the Universe began nearly 14 billion years ago but said nothing about how it began.

Instead, the Hartle-Hawking idea used a different theory called quantum mechanics to explain how the Universe arose from nothingness.


Prof Stephen Hawking

DETLEV VAN RAVENSWAAY/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Image caption Artwork: The Big Bang may have created many universes



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