Hi this is Devin and I’m going to be talking about the super bowl.

The Super Bowl is rigged this year because the patriots are playing and they play in almost  every Super Bowl. In my opinion, the patriots are going to win by 10 or 20. My main issue is that it’s not going to even be a ball game. It’s only meant for one team to win, which is the patriots.

Now on a different subject, the NBA season is going great. My favorite team is doing so good, which is the Cleveland Cavaliers. They lost a couple of games in a row but they are getting their mojo back. Their record is 33-15, meaning they won 33 and lost 15. That’s a pretty damn good record.

Kylie Irving is dancing on fellas and Lebron, forget about it. This man is averaging close to a triple double a game, averaging 27 points 10 assists and 5 rebounds. Lebron James and Kylie Irving are special players and that’s why their record is the way it is.