Elijah Ocean and the lonesome cowboys of Los Angeles

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When Elijah Ocean answers your call, you never know where he’s going to be. We’ve chatted as he crossed the country in a tour van or boarded a flight to Nashville. He might have a few minutes to talk while he’s setting up for a gig in Brooklyn or heading up to the Maine coast to visit the state where he grew up. There’s a restlessness to the man and his music that never lets up. But for now, at least, he’s found a physical and musical home in Los Angeles.

Ocean moved there two years ago after nearly a half-decade struggling to make ends meet in Brooklyn. Now, he’s among a burgeoning scene of long-haired dreamers ushering in a new era of L.A. country music.

“I wasn’t making a living as a musician in Brooklyn,” Ocean said in a phone conversation. “I was working on food trucks and doing construction, and I wasn’t really happy doing that. I was looking for a more joyful life experience.”


Elijah Ocean and the lonesome cowboys of Los Angeles

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Dave Chappelle to host ‘SNL’ with musical guest A Tribe Called Quest

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Dave Chappelle — beloved comedian and former host of his self-titled Comedy Central variety show, Chappelle’s Show — is getting ready to ready to sharpen his sketch game with his Saturday Night Live debut.

The standup is scheduled to host the show’s Nov. 12 episode alongside musical guests and fellow SNL first-timers A Tribe Called Quest.


Dave Chappelle to host 'SNL' with musical guest A Tribe Called Quest

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The person who likely cares least about Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize win is Bob Dylan

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Few living artists have been as deeply mythologized as Bob Dylan — and few artists seemed to have despised it more. 

Critics and authors have pinned him with nearly every grandiose title in the book, seemingly trying to match his fascinating folk poetry: “prophet,” “mystic,” “the 20th century’s Shakespeare.” But as much as our country tried to yoke him with the mantle of “spokesman” or the “voice of a generation,” Dylan always seemed to find away to slip out of it. 

“You feel like an imposter when someone thinks you’re something and you’re not,” Dylan once told Ed Bradley in a 2004 60 Minutes interview, decrying labels like “prophet” and “voice of a generation.” “You’re just not that person everybody thinks you are, though they call you that all the time. ‘You’re the prophet. You’re the savior.’ I never wanted to be a prophet or savior. Elvis maybe — I could easily see myself becoming him. But prophet? No.”


The person who likely cares least about Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize win is Bob Dylan

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Bon Iver doesn’t want to explain ’22, A Million,’ but he doesn’t need to. It’s beautiful.

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Nine years ago, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon set the standard for what folk music should sound like with For Emma, Forever Ago. Friday, he will break it.

That’s when Bon Iver’s mysterious third album, 22, A Million drops via Jagjaguwar following five years of relative silence. As previews of tracks “22 (OVER S??N)” and “10 d E A T h b R E a s T ? ?” have already shown, fans looking for lead singer Vernon’s wind-like falsetto singing about ripe countrysides and winter’s intimacy will find themselves disappointed and confused.

Where Bon Iver’s past two records have evoked a man content in his Thoreau-like reclusiveness, 22, A Million seems like a portrait of a man after the isolation has driven him mad. Instead of familiar places or pet names, the tracklist features obscure symbols and numbers scattered alongside art that’s proved irresistible for Illuminati pop culture conspiracy theorists. Snippets of pitched dialogue punctuate the uneasy ambience the songs stir up with warped, lo-fi drums and stacks of heavily processed synths and saxophones. It sounds like Bon Iver fed through a wood chipper and sewn together on a back alley operating table.


Bon Iver doesn't want to explain '22, A Million,' but he doesn't need to. It's beautiful.

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