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Shireen Mitchell, the founder of Digital Sisters and Stop Online Violence Against Women, knows firsthand the challenges women of color face when interviewing for jobs in the tech industry. That is, if they can land an interview at all.

“There’s a clear bias — some people have said this to my face — [that] it’s not possible there’s a woman, a black woman in particular, who could possibly do any of this technical work and do it well,” Mitchell said.

“From the gate,” interviewers don’t expect “expertise or knowledge coming from a person of color,” she added. “Despite the fact that I’ve seen mediocre bullcrap come out of white men.”

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple have spent the last few years assuring the public of their commitment to diversity. But with each report they release, it’s evident that progress is marginal, if it exists at all.


Racial bias plagues the recruiting process.

For minorities in tech, workplace discrimination begins before they even arrive

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