Mysteries Science Can’t Explain – Costa Rican Spheres

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This one is pretty weird as far as mysteries go. Where would hundreds of round, stone balls come from, who would make them, and what are they for? In Costa Rica, mainly along the Terraba River, these perfectly round spheres were found and are believed to have been created around 600 A.D. that’s over 1400 years ago for those who are counting.

Numbering over 300 and ranging in size from just over a couple inches clear up to over six feet in circumference and weighing up to 17 tons, these balls continue to mystify scientists.

Possibly the most interesting facet of these spheres is figuring out how a people well over a thousand years ago made perfect spheres with no power tools, and what they made them for. The best guess so far as to how they were made includes everything from the spheres washed up after a storm via a tidal wave to the belief that the people of Atlantis actually built them and left them there for the ancient villagers to find. Possibly the most interesting belief is that the Costa Ricans had a magic potion of some sort that allowed them to manipulate rock into whatever form they desired. Interestingly since these spheres are rock and therefor very heavy, not many ideas have been brought forth as to what they were used for. The idea most believable is that the spheres lined the way, through the village, to the home of the Chief as a form of honor.

We’ve gone over the top ten mysteries of the world that science hasn’t been able to figure out, and there are hundreds more waiting for an answer. A good question now might be, how many mysteries haven’t we even discovered yet? Humans love mysteries, we love the not knowing, the guessing and the speculation, and so as long as we travel and make new discoveries, scientists will continue to try and demystify our findings.


What are these spheres for?

What are these spheres for?





Mysteries Science Can’t Explain – Blank Spot in the Universe

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This one is for the astronomy people out there. A few years ago, during a routine study of the night sky, astronomers stumbled into a big hole, literally. Finding a small void is nothing new, and several small ones have been recorded in the past.

What makes this extraordinary is the sheer size of it? Imagine an area over one billion light years across with no stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, dark matter, just absolutely nothing. It is over 1000 times bigger than anything previously seen or expected.

Astronomers have been researching this void since they first found it and are not much closer to an answer. What they can agree on is that a void this large is not normal, what is still unknown is why it is so big. Could the void be close enough to an area with more gravity and mass that over billions of years, the empty spot lost its mass to the stronger one? Could it be an anomaly that we just haven’t seen before? Is it possible that there is matter inside that we can’t see? So many questions, but no scientific answers which leaves this empty space in the unexplained mystery category.


Is this Empty Space dangerous?

Is this Empty Space dangerous?





Mysteries Science Can’t Explain – Naga Fireballs

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Once a year, toward the end of October, a mystery takes over the river and sky at Thailand’s Mekong River. For longer than the oldest resident can remember, the river lights up with hundreds to thousands of fireballs which can shoot over 300 feet in the air.

The fireballs are bright red and can be so small you can just barely see it or they can be as big as a basketball. The fireballs gently rise in the night air into the heavens where they are no longer visible.

Due to the timing of the fireballs each year which happens during the Buddhist celebration commemorating Buddha’s return as Naga, the sea serpent, most devout Buddhist believe that the fireballs signify Buddha honoring the end of Vassa.

Scientists have, for years, held on to the explanation that either oarfish in the water or swamp gas, which is the buildup of methane that finally releases into the air with a burst of fire, is what the Naga Fire balls really are. Neither of these opinions solve the mystery, and may only add to it, since the Naga Fireballs happen only once a year at the same time. So science, good guess, but this one needs a bit more work to be considered solved.



Are these Fireballs Coincidence or Heavenly Intervention?

Are these Fireballs Coincidence or Heavenly Intervention?





Mysteries Science Can’t Explain – Bermuda Triangle Pyramids

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Possibly the oldest and biggest mystery science can’t explain, The Bermuda Triangle continues to baffle humanity with her secrets. Beginning in 1800, when the USS Pickering disappeared along with her 90 passengers, the Bermuda Triangle has gained notoriety as planes and ships alike seem to disappear once they enter her borders.

Located in the North Atlantic, roughly between the south tip of Florida on the western border, Puerto Rico to the Southeast and Bermuda to the Northeast, the Triangle has for over 200 years continued to elude a scientific reasoning for the strange happenings within her borders.

Two large glass, or crystal-like, pyramids have been found on the Triangle’s seabed, almost 6600 feet deep. These pyramids have been measured and appear to be larger than the Egyptian Pyramids measuring at an amazing 650 feet in height.

Both pyramids appear to have two giant holes near the top, and it is believed these holes cause the sea water that is rushing in to create massive surge waves on the surface of the ocean which could explain all the mystery surrounding the many disappearances in the area. It does seem a bit ironic that one mystery science can’t explain could be solved by another that can’t be explained scientifically either.


Could the Bermuda Triangle Mystery be solved?

Could the Bermuda Triangle Mystery be solved?





Mysteries Science Can’t Explain – New Brunswick Magnetic Hill

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This may be one of the craziest unexplained mysteries yet. Every year numerous visitors head to New Brunswick in their car to experience an unexplained mystery. We’ve all been taught about gravity and that if you throw an apple in the air it will fall, any of you who drive have also been taught that if you don’t put your car in park on a hill that it’s going to roll down that hill.

Here is where New Brunswick gets a little weird. If you drive to a certain point on the road and put your car in neutral, you can actually watch your car drive uphill. In neutral, with no gas, and did we mention uphill?

While scientists have tried for many years to explain this, it’s just not working. You will hear everything from “it’s really not uphill, it just looks it” to “gravitational pull is at work especially hard here”, to “the magnetic pull is stronger here” but the bottom line is there is not a good explanation for why your car drives uphill by itself.

This mystery isn’t only found on Magnetic Road either. There are dozens of places in the world where you can see this phenomenon at work.


Is the road really going uphill or is this an elaborate hoax?

Is the road really going uphill or is this an elaborate hoax?





Mysteries Science Can’t Explain – Fairy Rings mushrooms

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As unusual as a candy ring, these Fairy rings have more mystery behind them then one would expect. Large circles of mushrooms have been found, and researched, and science can’t quite explain them.

The fairy Rings can be found in woodlands or grassy areas and are almost always in a mostly-perfect circle. Their emergence has no ties to rain, drought, sun, clouds, or any other meteorological measurement; they just seem to appear.

There are so many scientific questions around these circles that it’s almost more believable to seek out old folklore and see if it has anything to say about fairy rings. Fairy rings have been described in folklore since the beginning and the rings are said to be the place where Fae and Fairy come together to dance.

These magical beings are very powerful and can be very dangerous so the ring of mushroom is to warn humans away from the area and possible danger. Science still can’t figure it out so until they do, it might be safer to not enter a fairy circle if you come across one.


Do you believe in Fae and Fairy?

Do you believe in Fae and Fairy?




Mysteries Science Can’t Explain – Modern Watch Found in Ancient Tomb

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This may be the perfect unsolved mystery, if you are a Dr. Who fan that is. A few years back, in 2008 to be precise, archeologists in China were excavating an ancient tomb in Shangsi County that dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is roughly 400 years old. While attempting to remove the tomb, a piece of rock dislodged and fell to the ground.

When one of the archeologists picked it up and began examining it, the true mystery of the tomb began to emerge. Not a rock at all, the very small article turned out to be a Swiss watch that couldn’t be more than 100 years old. The watch, sized to fit on a woman’s finger much like a modern ring, stopped running at 10:06 and though caked in dirt, it was still easy to make out the word “Swiss” imprinted on the backside of the watch.

The mystery continues to build as archeologists believe that the tomb where the ring was found was undisturbed and that they were the first to open it. Also confusing is where would this ring have come from? The watch has created many more questions than can be answered, but as scientists do, they keep asking.

Who would have wanted to plant an article here? Could it have been washed here by heavy rains? Is it an elaborate hoax by the archeologists involved in the dig, or possibly a terrible prank played out on a society that seems to thrive on the unexpected? We may never know the answers, but we can be certain as long as it’s a mystery, someone will be investigating it.



How Does an Unopened Tomb Get Modern Jewelry in It?

How Does an Unopened Tomb Get Modern Jewelry in It?




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