Ramses III Mummy Murder Mystery Solved; Last Of Great Pharaohs Had Throat Brutally Cut

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In a murder mystery fit for prime time, scientists say they have solved the 3,000-year-old killing of one of Egypt’s last great pharaohs.

The first CT scans to examine the king’s mummy reveal a deep cut to the neck, reports the BBC. The cut had been hidden by bandages for centuries. The deep wound 2.7 inches (7cm) wide, was found just under the larynx, and could have caused immediate death, according to medical scientists.

“I have almost no doubt about the fact that Ramses III was killed by this cut in his throat,” said paleopathologist Albert Zink of the EURAC Institute for Mummies and the Iceman in Italy, according to the AFP.


Ramses Iii Murder Solved

In a murder mystery fit for prime time, scientists say they have solved the 3,000-year-old
killing of one of Egypt’s last great pharaohs.


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Otzi The Iceman’s Genes Reveal Central European Birth, But Sardinian Relatives

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Siberian Mummy Tattoos Amaze Researchers (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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A Siberian mummy with intricate tattoos decorating her body has been revealed in Russia.

Researchers estimate the mysterious woman, known as the Ukok princess, was probably 25 years old when she died nearly 2,500 years ago, ABC News reports. She was most likely a member of the Pazyryk tribe, nomads who lived in the Altai mountains of Siberia. Her mummy was discovered in 1993. It was kept preserved in the permafrost, which is why her tattoos are still visible.


Siberian Mummy Tattoos


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