Havilah Roman on keyboard

I recently had the privilege of interviewing a family that has incorporated music in their lives the way that other families engage in Saturday morning chores.

It was so moving to see 3-year old Joshua Roman play the congas. During the interview, his parents Billy and Havilah talked about the importance of encouraging children, but refraining from directing them too much.

The conversation reminded me why A-Spot Magazine is so important to me. I realized that music is a communication, a way of expressing one’s feelings, ideas and perceptions.

As I watched Joshua, I realized that he enjoyed communicating with the congas. Maybe for a 3-year old, it’s more important. Even an adult sometimes does not have the vocabulary to express complex feelings. A child certainly does not. But if a child can use music to tell a story, then much less goes unsaid.

This phase…

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