The Jane, located at the West Village section of Greenwich Village, is a boutique hotel that offers rooms starting at an unheard of $79/night.  With the average NYC hotel charging $280/night, The Jane is an affordable and practical option.  Having said this, you’re probably envisioning a moldy, bed bug infested, stain covered room with its wallpaper half peeled, but rest assured that The Jane keeps things extremely neat and clean (and this is coming from a self diagnosed germaphobe).

The quirky atmosphere of the hotel is something straight out of Wes Anderson movie.  The lobby is lined in tall walls of mahogany and decorated with a unique, rustic decor, complete with 1920’s style furniture, chandelier lamps and taxidermy deer heads.  Further transporting you back into The Roaring Twenties, the staff is dressed in traditional vintage bellhop uniforms.

The Jane has a rich history that explains the atmosphere and decor of the hotel…

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