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Ticket to Paradise is a romantic comedy about a divorced couple who decide to team up and sabotage the impending wedding of their daughter. The film is directed by Ol Parker and written by Parker and Daniel Pipski.

I expect “Ticket to Paradise” to be an end-of-the-summer fill-in. However, despite being totally unbelievable with a familiar, overdone topic, it was still a  nice getaway, funny, and well done.

David (George Clooney) and Georgia Cotton (Julia Roberts) were formerly married.  Having gone through a bitter divorce 20 years ago, the Cottons are currently in a hate relationship and regret having ever been married. Their daughter and only child, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) graduates from law school and goes on vacation with her best friend and fellow graduate Wren Butler (Billie Lourd) to Bali. While snorkeling off the coast, their tour boat inadvertently leaves them behind. They are rescued by a young Balinese…

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