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Amsterdam is a period comedy thriller written, directed, and produced by David O. Russell. It was released in the United States by 20th Century Studios. The story is based on the Business Plot, a 1933 political conspiracy in the US, and follows three friends—a doctor, a nurse, and a lawyer—who are caught in the mysterious murder of a retired US general. The trailers for Amsterdam gave a compelling synopsis into seeing this movie. For me, I think the message and the film are great.

In 1918, Burt Berendsen (Christian Bale) is sent by his estranged wife’s parents to fight in World War I. While stationed in France, Burt meets and befriends an African-American soldier named Harold Woodsman (John David Washington). After they sustain injuries in battle, Burt and Harold are nursed back to health by Valerie Voze (Margot Robbi), an eccentric nurse who makes art out of…

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