A poster featuring a horse being pulled into the air.

Nope is a science fiction horror film written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele under his Monkeypaw Productions banner. Nope follows two ranch-owning siblings who attempt to capture evidence of an unnatural occurrence. The trailers are as mysterious as the film and don’t reveal much.  Peele hoped the title would elicit a reaction from audiences.  I was hoping for a good sci-fi movie and I got it. The film was a little slow and left much to the imagination but overall, it was pretty decent.

The film opens with the Bible verse, “I will cast abominable filth upon you, make you vile and make you a spectacle.” – Nahum 3:6In 1998, on the soundstage for the sitcom “Gordy’s Home”, the titular chimpanzee animal actor (Terry Notary) attacks and maims three of its co-stars after being startled by the pop of a helium balloon. The show’s youngest actor,

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