Infinite Storm.pngInfinite Storm is a drama adventure directed by Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert. Its screenplay by Josh Rollins is based on the article High Places: Footprints in the Snow Lead to an Emotional Rescue. The film focuses on a rescue agent who saves a desolate young man who has become trapped on a mountain during one of the worse storms they’ve had in decades. Because there are so many horror or scary movies out, I decided to see one that didn’t fit into that category.  Infinite Storm seemed safe, so I watched this film and found I was right, it was far from the average scary movie but was scary and horrifying in its own rights.  I enjoyed Infinite storm.


Pam Bales (Naomi Watts) is a search and rescue volunteer.  It was Oct. 17, 2010, despite warnings of a severe storm brewing, she sets off on…

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