A young man sits at a piano with a spotlight shining on himTick, Tick… Boom! (also stylized as tick, tick… BOOM!) is a biographical musical drama directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda in his feature directorial debut. Written by Steven Levenson, it is based on the stage musical of the same name by Jonathan Larson. Tick, Tick… Boom! is a semi-autobiographical story about Larson’s writing a musical to enter the industry. I didn’t know what to expect of this movie, after seeing it, all I can say is WOW!  It was fabulous!  I think Tick, Tick… Boom! deserved a Best Picture nod in addition to the other Oscar nominations it received.

In 1992, Jonathan Larson (Andrew Garfield) performs his rock monologue Tick, Tick… Boom! at New York Theatre Workshop, accompanied by friends Roger Bart (Joshua Henry) and Karessa Johnson (Vanessa Hudgens). He describes an incessant ticking noise he hears in his head and begins to tell his story. An unseen narrator explains the…

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