Globe Drifting


Ryanair and Easyjet planes touch down one after the other with a familiar seasonal thud, near-rupturing under the weight of raucous young passengers whose eyes glow with feverish holiday excitement and whose purses spill out with stocked-up summer savings. Business wear is swapped for bikinis and beach bottoms while bacon butties begin to stifle morning hunger as pasty Brits make their way towards the irresistible beat of beach music with fake tan in one hand and vodka in the other.

When dusk finally settles, a leopard faced man in a tophat starts to perch outside a high rise hotel clutching facepaint while nearby a Spanish traveller and his girlfriend dust themselves down with glitter outside a local supermarket before fervently beckoning party goers towards their golden dust, which at €20 a go resembles even real gold in price. Party shimmer wafts through the warm evening air, the buzz of daytime…

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