O Efeito Martha Mitchell - 17 de Junho de 2022 | Filmow

The Martha Mitchell Effect is a Netflix original documentary directed by Anne Alvergue and Debra McClutchy. Not to be confused with the Martha Mitchell effect, which this documentary is named for. The Martha Mitchell Effect is another Oscar-nominated documentary I watched because it was nominated.  I thought this film was very well directed and it provided us with a truckload of information about Martha Mitchell and her unique way of expressing herself.

Told through archival footage, its story is centered around the Watergate scandal and whistleblower Martha Mitchell, a cabinet wife married to John Mitchell who was the attorney general from 1969 to 1972. Martha was gaslit by the Nixon administration in an attempt to keep her silent. A mini-series starring Julia Roberts as Martha Mitchell aired on April 24, 2022.  The mini-series was called Gaslit, which told the entire story in eight episodes. It appears The Martha Mitchell Effect documentary may have…

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