The Sea Beast film poster.png

The Sea Beast is a computer-animated adventure directed by Chris Williams, who co-wrote the screenplay with Nell Benjamin and produced with Jed Schlanger. The film tells the story of a sea monster hunter and a young orphan girl who joins his group of sea monster hunters on their search for the elusive Red Bluster back in the 17th century. Learning of The Sea Beast and its Oscar nomination, I of course wanted to watch the film. I must say, The Sea Beast dished up a very profound message and was entertaining.

For hundreds of years, sea beasts have surfaced to wreak havoc against mankind. In response, sailors known as ‘hunters’ venture outward on their ships to hunt the beasts across the ocean, the most famous and successful of these being the crew of the “Inevitable”, which is led by the legendary Captain Augustus Crow III (voice: Jared Harris),

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