Four Good Days poster.jpgFour Good Days is a drama, directed and produced by Rodrigo García, from a screenplay by García and Eli Saslow, based upon Saslow’s 2016 Washington Post article “How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction”. I hadn’t heard of this movie until its Oscar nod.  I later found Four Good Days is based on Libby Alexander, and her daughter Amanda Wendler. This is one of the great ones that has been left by the wayside and flew way under the radar.

Margaret “Molly” Wheeler, a 31-year-old drug addict walks to her mother’s house while reminiscing about better times before she became a drug addict. Molly insists that she is ready to be sober and begs her mother Deb (Glen Close) to allow her to stay for a few days before going to detox. Deb, although clearly ambivalent about the matter, stands resilient with the support of her…

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