An intense look at what can happen when meddlesome humans explore other worlds when their own world is far from perfected. I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t go where no man has gone before, I’m just saying beware of the consequences.  “Life” is an example of what can happen when you don’t know what you don’t know, when you don’t know!

A  six-member crew returning from Mars with a soil sample is tasked with studying the sample, which could prove to be the first evidence of extraterrestrial life. After extracting a single cell from the sample, British biologist Hugh Derry, an expert in exobiology is able to revive the dormant organism with atmospheric adjustments and glucose. It quickly grows into a multi-celled organism and reacts to stimuli. The crew discovers that each cell in the organism is a myocyte, neuron and photo-receptor, all at the same time. The…

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