lionWow, what an emotional roller coaster.  Lion is one of the better movies of 2016.  I really can’t say enough about this touching, true story about a little five year old boy who gets separated from his family, ends up in Calcutta, approximately 1,600 km away from home and ultimately lands in Australia, where he now lives with his new adoptive parents.  How did this all come to be?

An East Indian family: a mother Kamla Munshiand (Priyanka Bose) called Mum by her children, her two boys, Saroo Brierley (Dev Patel)Young Saroo (Sunny Pawar),Guddu Kahn (Abhishek Bharate),  and Shekila, their new baby sister lived in meager surroundings.  Mum works for survival as a laborer who carries rocks and her two boys helps any way they could.  One evening, Guddu, the middle child readied himself to go to work, but had to decide who was going…

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