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One day before Indonesia for Coral Day – Eight of May. Please let me share one diving area that located at the heart of Coral Triangle: Bunaken! Bunaken is one of the first Indonesian’s national marine parks. It is located in North Sulawesi Province. I have been writing previously about other diving area in North Sulawesi: Bangka Island and Lembeh Strait. This province gains its popularity in scuba diving industry because of its special underwater nature. The ocean surrounding the province is home to endangered species such as coelacanth, dugongs, napoleon wrasse, turtles, dolphins, and migration path of whales.

The province’s capital city, Manado, was chosen as the host of World Oceans Conference in 2009 and later this year, it will host World Coral Reef Conference, which is part of Coral Triangle Initiative program. Coral Triangle is a triangular area of marine waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New…

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