Inchcock Today

Friday 28th November 2014

I didn’t get to sleep until 0300hrs – this time myself to blame!

I’d been Facebooking last night and when I came to closing down, I had a try at getting the laptop to allow me to watch dvds off the net – and blimey.. . it let me.

Unfortunately I’d tried to open an original 1959 ‘The Invisible Man’ TV episode to watch and I was hooked and spent the next 4 hours watching them. Tsk!

I forced myself away when I kept nodding off while watching at about 0310hrs.

Didn’t stir until 0715hrs – and tried again to watch em, but the laptop was back in ‘Frustrate Inchcock mode’ and wouldn’t let me.

I recalled some of the dreams I’d had and wrote the bits I remembered down to record here:

I was a jailer of some sort I think and I had…

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