Redline: Live to Drive!

This go’s out to all my Honda junkies out there, those guys who will always be a lover of N/A (normally aspirated cars… non car junkie terms, a car that does not have the help of forced induction aka a turbocharger or supercharger to produce more output from the motor). Those who love N/A more than anything are the true car junkies, and the ones that can really understand where I get the term a car and the “soul” it has. There is nothing like a car that produces over 100hp/litre from a normally aspirated engine. Drive one and you will understand exactly what I mean.

Car number 2 I first fell in love with when I saw a more base version of it driving around town. I always wondered what the hell that little car was and finally I was able to inspect one in a parking lots one…

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