Chase It Or B Chased

We all need a bag yo pack our stuff. Going to the office, packing for a week-end trip, … This bag will make you don’t forget the essential and that it will always be easily reachable.

Let’s discuss with Aaron Tweedie, the inventor/designer of the Man-Pack.

What’s your professional background and how did you come up with the idea of the man-pack ?
I went straight into the military after high school, I was in Fort Benning Georgia at 17 years old and stationed in a reserve unit. After getting back home, I had my first sales job at 19. I was a car salesman. I sold Dodge and Volvo. I did very well. So much that I built a house. Then another, and decided to go to college. I put myself through college through building and land speculation.

20130624-224225.jpgAfter college I obtained a contractor license and real estate…

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