The Retiring Sort

P1110806It’s time to start making some serious plans for where my beloved and I might travel this year.  Last year, most of my travel was to see my mom and sister a few states away, and most of my husband’s travel was on business. We did manage some other family visits, a kayak trip, and tag-ons to his working trips, but nothing very far from home.

This year, I am hampered a bit by my own lack of income, since I contributed to a lot of fun stuff in the past. (I also may have over-spent a little on Christmas…) I know it’s early in the year, but my husband still has to plan and budget his vacation time, so the sooner we start putting these things on the calendar, the better.

P1110768 (2)First things first – we’ve begun to think about where we’d like to go.  There is the…

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