Working on Creative Chaos

Kayden is home sick, again, today. He seems to be fever less, which is awesome! He also has a doctor’s appointment today. Chris is playing on his Facebook account and laughing a lot. Spencer, the Bionic Baby, is playing Minecraft (which I also call Minecrack as it is HIGHLY addictive) with Kayden. Spencer has a diaper, socks and his port access on at he moment. Not shirt, no pants.  The day is warm, but windy. It feels like spring, though I know that will be short lived.

Spencer has done really well with his port staying accessed this week, which is a great thing. It means fewer needle sticks for this session and I adore that. It isn’t that it hurts him. The Lidocane sees to the fact that he doesn’t feel it. It is just so traumatizing for him to see a needle coming at his chest. It is…

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