The fist came hard again, connecting with flesh and sending ripples of intense pain through Melena’s body.

“I ask you once more, where is the child?” Her eyes met the attacker’s, it was Odo, one of Gor’s men and a terrifying beast of a man. Melena spit, blood mingling with dust on the dirty floor. She remained silent, knowing there was no future for her, no reason to divulge the clan’s secret.

fantasyman1Odo gave a slight nod to another who stood some feet away. Melena watched as the man returned the action and disappeared through the flap of leather that served as a door. Little time passed before it was being disturbed again and another man was pushed through. Melena gasped as her husband Taf was roughly pushed to his knees.

No! Leave him, he has nothing to do with this,” she pleaded, as Odo stood over his new…

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