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Even though the First Lady ‘Michelle Obama has been pushing a program ‘Move’ in an attempt to at least make the youth of America more healthy you have republicans criticizing her body type. When the one’s with the loudest mouths are poor examples of good health.

[Here is an example.

Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin Congressman, Says Michelle Obama Has A ‘Large Posterior’

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I digress,

Each year in the US there are:

1.25 million who suffer a heart attack ( 650,000 new events and 450,000 recurrences)

600,000 will who have a stroke (500,000 new events and 100,000 recurrences).

I personally know some of these people, please take heed and read the article below, don’t suffer unnecessarily and risk death.


Heart attacks can come on with no warning, or symptoms can begin slowly and mildly.


.Click link below for symptoms of heart attack