Chevalier poster.jpegChevalier is a biographical drama based on the life of the titular French-Caribbean musician Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Chevalier is directed by Stephen Williams and written by Stefani Robinson. When I saw the trailer, I was so intrigued by what I saw that I couldn’t wait to see Chevalier stick it to the uptight, racist establishment. I wasn’t disappointed. In my opinion, they did a good job as they stuck pretty much to the true life story.

The movie depicts the rise and resurgence of Joseph Bologne/Chevalier de Saint-Georges (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), a French-Caribbean violinist, and composer who rose to fame through his musical prodigy, fencing, dancing, and horseback riding.  He was honored with the title of “gendarme de la garde” by King Louis XVI, for fencing. Joseph Bologne was the illegitimate son of an African slave Nanon (Ronke Adekoluejo) and a wealthy French plantation owner George…

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