Greyhound is a war film directed by Aaron Schneider. The screenplay is written by Tom Hanks, and the film is based on the 1955 novel The Good Shepherd by C. S. Forester. The story follows a commander in the US Navy on his first wartime assignment. Greyhound is a worthwhile film that will heat your blood to the boiling point as the commander makes life or death decisions at a minute’s notice. Greyhound is a worthy movie and I’m glad I got to see it.

Commander Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) is the commanding officer of the Fletcher-class destroyer USS Keeling, codenamed “Greyhound”.  Krause is now in command of a multi-national escort group defending a merchant ship convoy that is under attack by submarines in early-1942.  This event takes place during the Battle of the Atlantic, only months after the U.S. officially enters World War II. During the Battle…

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