Minari is a drama written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung. A semi-autobiographical take on Chung’s upbringing. The plot follows a South Korean immigrant family of four who tries to make it in rural America during the 1980s. In a word; Heartfelt! Minari is definitely worth seeing.

A Korean American family moves from California to their new plot of land in rural Arkansas. Jacob Yi (Steven Yeun) hopes to grow Korean produce and sell it to vendors in Dallas. As a father and breadwinner of his family, Jacob is making the biggest decision of his and his family’s life, one that his wife Monica Yi (Han Ye-Ri)does not agree with.  First, he decides to decline the services of a water diviner, to avoid paying for county water, then digs a well in a spot he finds on his own. Next, Jacob enlists the help of  Paul (Will Patton), an eccentric…

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