I’m Your Woman is a neo-noir crime film directed by Julia Hart from a screenplay by Hart and Jordan Horowitz.  I’m your woman focuses on several criminals trying to assist a woman on the run after her husband, who is involved with organized crime, mysteriously goes missing. I actually saw this movie twice — it’s a good one.

In the late 1970s, a housewife named Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) is married to Eddie (Bill Heck), a professional thief. Jean’s existence appears to be somewhat mundane, to top it off, she and Eddie are unable to conceive or adopt children. One day, Eddie mysteriously comes home with a baby boy for Jean to raise. She quickly decides to name the baby Harry (Jameson and Justin Charles, Barrett Shaffer). Sometime later, Jean is awakened in the night by one of Eddie’s business partners, Jimmy (Jarrod DiGiorgi), who gives her a…

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