Red Dot is a Swedish drama as well as a thriller written by Alain Darborg and Per Dickson and directed by Alain Darborg. The film follows a couple who takes a trip to see the Northern lights while trying to rekindle their relationship. In the trailer, the red dots that were pointed on the couple’s chest and the drama surrounding them intrigued me to watch this movie. I never saw what was coming. Well done, although I did not like the way Darborg and Dickson choose to end the film.

Red Dot opens in the university cafeteria just after David’s (Anastasios Soulis) graduation ceremony. He tries to surprise his girlfriend Nadja (Nanna Blondell), by publicly proposing to her, which she happily accepts. A year and a half later, however, they are stressed due to work and school and fight frequently in their Stockholm apartment. The stress is compounded when…

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