American Skin is a drama written and directed by Nate Parker, who also stars in the film. The story tells of a Marine veteran who takes matters into his own hands after his son is killed by a police officer.  This film was released in September of 2019 yet I had not heard of it — talk about existing under the radar! Having said all that, American Skin was referred to me by a family member.  I believe it is the most powerful film with the most powerful message I’ve seen and heard in a decade.

Lincoln Jefferson (Nate Parker), a U.S. Marine veteran who works as a janitor at a prestigious and mostly white junior high school, is in the process of strengthening his relationship with his 14-year-old son Kajani Jefferson (Tony Espinosa) after he and his wife Tayana Jefferson (Milauna Jackson) divorced. One night, after picking his…

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