Sylvie’s Love is a drama written, directed, and produced by Eugene Ashe. A sweet story of a young girl living in Harlem, finding herself and falling in love but promised to another by a conceided and overbearing mother. I really liked Sylvie’s Love but find many loose ends. Sylvie’s Love opens uptown in New York City, better known as Harlem. The year is 1962 when jazz is still popping.  There is a chance encounter outside of town Hall between two people who obviously know each other.  She calls his name, he turns towards her and a big smile lights up his face. The film then turns back time, 5 years earlier when life was less complicated, and reveals how Sylvie and Robert originally met and fell in love.

Sylvie Parker (Tessa Thompson) works at her father’s Mr. Jay (Lance Riddick) music store while Robert Halloway (Nnamdi Asomugha) is a saxophone player…

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