Project Power is a superhero film directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, produced by Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless, and written by Mattson Tomlin. The film follows a drug dealer, a police officer, and a former soldier who team up to stop the distribution of a pill that gives the taker superpowers for five minutes. An intriguing prospect that I found quite entertaining. I enjoyed Project Power and thought the movie was well done.



Project Power takes place in a slightly futuristic New Orleans, as a mysterious distributor offers a free supply of “Power” (a pill that grants an assortment of superpowers for five minutes), to a group of drug dealers, including one named Newt (Colson Baker) who possesses the ability of thermal regulation that allows him to generate fire from his body.  Six weeks later, Newt’s teenage cousin Robin Reilly (Dominique Fishback)

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