So, it’s been five months plus since COVID-19 has taken over the world.  There are many acts of good that came out of COVID-19 as well as many acts of bad that have plagued us to no end.  We all have different views and opinions about what COVID-19 can and cannot do, or if it even exists. Having said that, I conclude that we are truly in deep doo-doo. 

So, what good has come out of COVID-19?  I guess it depends on who you ask.  If you’re with the CDC, you’re supposedly in control of all the latest information and will eventually find a vaccine. The CDC was doing their thing and that was good.  If you’re an undertaker or the proud owner of a funeral parlor, business is booming.  If you’re getting paid no matter what and can work from home, you’re blessed and highly favored.  If you’re…

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