captainfantasticCaptain Fantastic really flew under the radar. I don’t believe I saw it advertised at all. Too bad because Captain Fantastic is a fantastic movie. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It gave me school for thought and taught me a thing or two about our value system.

Captain Fantastic is about a father, Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) of six children; Bodevan “Bo” Cash (George MacKay), Kielyr Cash (Samantha Isler), Vespyr Cash (Annalise Basso), Rellian Cash (Nicholas Hamilton), Zaja Cash (Shree Crooks), Nai Cash (Charlie Shotwell) and their very sick mother, Leslie Abigail Cash (Trin Miller). All eight of them choose to live isolated from society in the Washington wilderness, which means away from the conveniences of modern man. The children are home schooled and hunt for their food. This means they don’t enjoy cloned meats, preservatives, tons of extra salt, pesticides and other unknown ingredients in their…

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