Allison's Wanderland

My first sense of India was in the town of Ahmedebad, Gujurat. I had no frame of reference for comparison and no expectations. I had only the images I’d see in movies as a guide and I didn’t expect them to be too accurate. What I found was this mysterious world unlike anywhere I’d ever been. I was captivated by the colors and cows and honking horns. What was the protocol for photographing people, especially holy men? Do I pay them, ask them, not photograph them? Is it safe to walk around alone? Should my head be covered? These questions sorted themselves out in time.

I was only in Ahmedabad for about 24 hours and most of those daylight hours were spent sleeping off jet lag. I did manage to wander down the street to a Jain temple that first evening. It was closed but the grounds were open and…

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