Bali traditional

Bali a great place where culture and modern meets.

Bali is the largest tourist destination in Indonesia and is located between Java and Lombok. The capital city is Denpasar. Although its a small island but it has a population of almost 4.22 million and has all the facilities to provide the citizens and tourist of everything. The most of Bali’s population is Hindu, you can see it  nearly in every aspect of their traditional life. Like ritual dance performances, daily offering food/ flowers to the gods in front of their store, temple or beach. The atmosphere is very relax, everyone is taking their time. No rush rush what so ever!  Feels like flower power time in the seventies haha. Its all about relaxing, spa, great food/drinks, surfing and doing sightseeing. The people are very nice! We already went to this beautiful island twice. We writing this post because its been 2…

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